Conservatories in Leeds

When you add a conservatory to your house you are creating a whole new space in your homewhich can completely change the way you use the rest of your property. Choosing the right style and structure is a big decision and with so many varied conservatories to choose from, you need to carefully consider some of the key aspects such as size, shape and construction materials.

A conservatory can transform and enhance the entire look and style of your home making it look more elegant. There are multiple options in DIY conservatory styles, limited only by your imagination. The real advantage of a conservatory is to bring the outdoors and greenery right into your home. A conservatory is as much a part of your home as it is a part of your garden.

Modern conservatories, with insulated bases and cavity walls, which feature double-glazedunits and a thermally efficient roof, can be used all year round. You can use the conservatory in winter due to insulation. Glazing is specifically used to keep conservatories insulated and warm in winter by retaining heat, and cool in summer be excluding solar radiation.

DIY conservatory can be small or large according to the space constraints of your home. You can contract with an experienced company to build a made to order conservatory according to your requirements and budget. The conservatory can be built in different styles and you can select the style best suited to the existing style of your home.

A conservatory is a glass room which is attached to the house but is considered to be a separate room. It is usually made entirely from glass or polycarbonate and this includes the roof. As a result, the sun will beat down hard on the room which is completely exposed. A sun room on the other hand is actually like an extra room because it has a roof made from different materials such as tiles. In fact, a sun room is often considered to be the same as a regular room in the home expect for the fact that it has more windows. The sun room’s roof is solid and offers more protection from the sun if necessary.


Conservatories are well known for their seasonality. Essentially, this means that they are generally only used for three of the four seasons. As a conservatory has no connections to anything in the home, it becomes extremely cold during the winter and is not suitable for relaxation. In the summer, a conservatory can become incredibly hot because of the complete exposure to the sun. Expect temperatures in a conservatory to be considerably warmer than outdoors.

You can build a sunroom that is suitable for relaxation during all four seasons by connecting it to the heating and cooling systems in your home. As a sunroom is basically an extra room in the home, you can increase its temperature during the winter or lower it in the summer. The problem with this is the increase in your energy bill. If you are heating an extra room, it is obvious that you will be paying more for heating and electricity.

This style of conservatory when viewed from above takes the shape of the letter ‘p’. This style can also be made to measure and you can decide the proportions of both sections. The p shape is ideal for creating maximum space whilst maintaining a sense of proportion applicable to the existing dwelling. People love this style as it almost equates to adding an additional two rooms to your home. It allows for one section to be used for dining and the other to be enjoyed for relaxing.