If you are having thoughts about making home improvements then the installation of double glazing is probably very near the top of the list if you are tolerating old and completely ineffective windows and doors. Apart from dramatically improving the appearance of your home, it is a proven fact that changing to sealed units will decrease your heating bills by a considerable annual sum of money.

There are copious numbers of double glazing companies and it is a safe assumption that most towns will have a nearby outlet covering the surrounding areas; particular care and attention should be paid in sourcing an established company with a proven record of experience and expertise who will be able to guide you through the best windows in Leeds for your particular style of house.

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to Double Glazing Installers, who to buy it from and what to choose. The options are almost endless and long gone are the days when a homeowner had to buy the same conformist windows as everyone else. Nowadays, double glazing can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each house, to reflect the homeowners’ style and to fit in with the rest of the street as much as is needed.

Virtually every newly built house has double glazing fitted as standard and most other houses have had some kinds of double glazing fitted at some point. This is for very simple reasons. Double glazing insulates a house and keeps in the heat. This saves money on energy bills as well as making a home cosier. The Energy saving Trust estimates that a massive 50 per cent of energy lost through normal windows can be recouped when double glazing is fitted.

Double glazing is also a lot safer â€“ it is much harder to break then single glass as it is usually toughened. In addition, the PVC surrounds on double glazing are more durable than wood and do not rot in the sale way that wood does.

Although looking at the lists of companies which offer double glazing can appear daunting at first, the vast majority of companies offer a free quotation service. This means that it is a simple process for homeowners to call up a raft of companies and ask them to come and give than an estimate. As this is usually a no obligation service it allows homeowners to shop around until they find the best firm for them. But beware and do not go with the cheapest offer just because of price. Look at everything else the company offers, including after care and insurance. You will also be able to ask which houses nearby the company has fitted windows on and go and have a look at those to see if the windows are the sort of work you would be expecting.

In just three to five years, the reductions in heating and cooling costs will mean the windows have paid their own way. They reduce heating costs enormously. Everyone needs to put in blinds or curtains to cover windows, to keep out light and heat. If you have double glazed windows, you only need to control light. This also means a much lighter grade of window furnishings; these savings alone could balance out the total cost of your windows.