Everything you need to know about Bi-folding doors

What are bi-folding doors?

Bi-folding doors are often used to connect a room to an outdoor area and are great for providing a wide view of your garden and outside space. Bi-folding doors are also known as Bi-fold doors, glass sliding doors, sliding room dividers and folding sliding doors. Quite simply they are, as their name would suggest, a connected number of glass panes that fold together to create one large door. Typically, a bi-folding door can have anything between two to seven panels which are attached with hinges and connected to rollers at the top or bottom. 

What are the benefits of bi-folding doors?

Many people choose to have bi-folding doors installed due to their aesthetic appeal and the extra light that is given to the room. Bi-folding doors provide a stunning and functional transition between the indoors and outdoors while adding a modern aesthetic to your home.

A great benefit of bi-fold doors is that they have the ability to transform and expand a small space and make it appear much bigger and grander. They add an instant transformation and give a stunning contemporary feel to really add the wow factor to any property. Even if your garden or outside space is not that big, having the extended view and light when you enter the room will help to make the whole house appear bigger and more open spaced. Bi-folding doors also provide superior security, safety and energy efficiency while taking up less space by folding up neatly.

Will bi-folding doors add value to my property?

It’s difficult to say exactly what will add value to a property as it is often dependent on various factors. Any home improvement or modification is likely to add appeal to the property and bi-folding doors will certainly modernise most homes and add a desirable aesthetic. 

What are the security features of Safestyle bi folding doors?

Our range of uPVC bi-folding doors are designed and manufactured with your home’s security and safety in mind. Our doors come with a list of impressive additional security features to keep your home protected. Each door comes fitted with a multipoint locking system as standard to make it extremely difficult for an intruder to break into. There are 3 locking hooks and shootbolts on all doors for complete peace of mind.

Our aluminium bi-folding doors give you the full package, incorporating stylish design with superior security delivering market-leading performance. They have been independently tested to prove impressive structural strength and security and are PAS24:2016 approved. The superior strength of our aluminium bi-fold door comes from its unique frame design, which is able to withstand a single point load approaching almost one tonne.

Are bi-folding doors energy efficient?

At Safestyle all of our high quality products are A-rated for their energy efficiency and are engineered to help save energy within your home. We use Q-lon weather seal gaskets, designed to keep the cold weather out and provide a high performance that eliminate draughts between the bi-folding door and the uPVC frame.

Safestyle’s aluminium bi-fold doors provide a superior thermal performance. The innovative warmcore technology provides an advanced performance with a multi-chamber uPVC thermal core that helps to keep your home warmer and provide excellent energy efficiency. Safestyle aluminium Bi-folding doors have a 1.5 w/m²K U-value with 28mm double glazing. Or we can also offer a 44mm triple glazing option for a superior 1.0W/m²K U-value.

How long will bi-folding doors last?

The lifespan of bi-folding doors very much depends on the quality of the manufacturing and materials used, as well as how they are cared for. The great thing about choosing uPVC as a material is that it is extremely durable and long-lasting.All of our bi-folding doors are covered by our 10 year guarantee meaning we will repair or replace any manufacturing faults or general wear and tear issues for a whole 10 years after the installation date.