What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows consist of 2 glass panes. The space in between the 2 glass panes is either filled with inert gas or a tight vacuum. Due to the presence of this space, an extra level of insulation is provided.

When you look at the benefits of double glazing, you will realise that there are quite a few. We will go into the details of these below.

Why are double glazed windows better than single glazed?

Some of the reasons why double glazed windows are better than single glazed ones include:

Proper Insulation. One of the main advantages of double glazed windows is the insulation layer which is provided between 2 glass panes. It can be vacuum or filled with inert gas. In both of these cases, it acts as a barrier between the outside elements of weather and the environment inside.

Thus, the level of insulation which is provided in double glazed windows is on the higher side. This ensures that the temperature inside or the environment inside is protected to a large extent from the elements of weather. Thus, when you’re heating up your home during the winter, the temperature inside will not fall drastically due to the insulation layer of the windows.

Energy Efficient. As we explained above, it is easier for the climate control system in your home to maintain proper temperature irrespective of the weather outside. This is because the inner glass pane is not exactly at the temperature which is prevailing outside. It is in contact with the air inside and is around the room temperature. This ensures that the climate control system is not required to work overtime in order to maintain the temperature.

When the climate control system is able to maintain the temperature easily, the thermal efficiency increases. As the thermal efficiency of your home increases, the energy required to maintain the temperature goes down. This will help you in saving on maintenance costs as well as electricity costs.

No condensation. The insulation layer between the 2 glass panes in double glazed windows also avoids condensation. As a result, you can maintain the climate conditions which you want in your home more easily. You will be able to make the entire ambience much more comfortable with the use of double glazing.

Reduction of Noise. If you live on a busy street, double glazed windows are almost a necessity for you. Double glazed windows help in cutting out the noise present outside. This ensures that your home remains much quieter and calm. The sound of traffic, as well as any work in progress nearby, is eliminated to a larger extent due to the extra insulation provided by double glazed windows.

Higher margin of safety. With the extra glass pane, you can be sure that these windows are much more secure. They are harder to break into. Moreover, they can handle a higher amount of impact as well. Thus, the wear and tear is pretty limited in these windows. Moreover, they provide a high margin of safety due to the fact that they are much more sturdy and strong.

Aesthetically Appealing. Last but not least, the double glazed windows look exactly like the single glazed ones. This ensures that if you just want to replace a few windows with double glazing, you can easily do so. They will look exactly the same as single glazing once. The double glazing is not visible from the outer side. Thus, they are artistically pleasing and also look almost the same as the single glazed windows.

The sheer number of advantages of the double glazed windows makes it well worth the extra cost which you will be paying for the extra glass pane. As they are highly durable and increase thermal efficiency, you will be able to recoup the extra cost over a period of time.


So, if you’re confused between single glazing vs double glazing, you have to take all the above factors into account and opt for the double glazed windows. The sheer number of advantages of the double glazed windows makes it a no-brainer to go with the double glazing as they are not only durable but also energy efficient and much safer.

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