What are the Benefits of Rock Doors?

Rockdoor has been the driving force behind composite door technology for over 20 years.

We use nickel-coated solid brass for our hook locks, high impact PVC-u skins to resist cut-through, carbon fibre to reinforce our inner frames and a unique S-Glaze system that locks the glass into your door for life.  Nearly 70% of burglaries involve forced entry through the front or back door. Our Nickle coated solid brass hook locks slide into steel keeps that run the full length of the outer frame.  This means Rockdoors can’t be forced open.

Rockdoor hit the headlines as the ‘Door That Beat The Bobbies’ when local police had to abandon their attempts to break through a Rockdoor with battering rams.

And because every Rockdoor is made-to-measure rather than mass-produced to a standard shape before being trimmed to size, it’s an exact fit for your home.  It means no leaks, no draughts and lower heating bills. Rockdoors are available in 13 colours so you can chose what’s right for you. As Rockdoors are ‘made to order’, not ‘cut to size’, all colours are available inside and out.

The toughest, safest and most energy efficient door.

Keeping you safe.  Reducing you bills.  Giving you choice.

Ultimate Series – The toughest, safest and most energy effici4ent doors available – with dozens of styles and glass design options.

Elite Series – We’ll never allow safety and peace of mind to be compromised, but we understand that sometimes budgets just won’t stretch to the top of the range.

Select Series – Simple and affordable with uncomplicated glass design options.  The door of choice when energy rating are a lower priority.

Benefits of Rock Doors

1. Weatherproof

Rock doors are weatherproof and stayed sealed shut at all times. Helping to prevent rain, snow, ice and other elements from entering your home. Furthermore, Rock Doors will help your home to retain heat during the winter months and keep your home warm. As a result of this Rock Doors can help to reduce money on energy bills saving you the homeowner money.

2. Hard Wearing

Rock Door products are very hard wearing, they can withstand most of the elements thrown at them. They do not wear or become damaged by seasonal weather.

3. Easy Maintenace

The RockDoor is a very easy door to maintain. When the door becomes dirty over time all you have to do is a get a microfibre cloth and some lukewarm water. Wiping the door down with warm water will get your door looking new once again.

4. Secure Rock Doors

Rock Doors are secure and help to prevent intrusion into your home. With state of the art locking systems and high impact uPVC, skin can help to reinforce the door. Furthermore, rock door uses a unique S-Glaze system that keeps the glass permanently locked into the door, this prevents intruders from trying to remove your glass.

5. A Popular Choice

Rockdoors are becoming a trendy choice among homeowners. Because, RockDoors add style, security, and design to homes.

6. Sound Reduction

Rock Doors are great at reducing outside noise especially if you live in a busy area or on the main road. Reducing the noise entering your home means you can live in peace without being disturbed.

More Benefits of Rock Doors

  • S-Glaze Technology
  • German Engineered Locks
  • A++ Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Individual Pocket Keeps
  • 20 Years Experience
  • High Impact uPVC Skins
  • Made-To-Measure Rockdoors
  • 13 Different Rockdoor Colours

Double Glazing Windows is a supplier and installer of Rockdoor. Our team of door specialists can help provide advice and helpful information when picking your door. Rockdoors will not only help keep your home warm but also help save money on energy bills. Because rock doors have a high energy efficiency of A++ they can help reduce heat loss.