What are the main design features, of external UPVC French doors?

UPVC has unique properties that make it possible to come up with endless customized designs for home and property doors. UPVC material does not rust, fade or rot, these properties make it easy to maintain and often homes fitted with UPVC doors go for more than 15 to 20 years before repair work is due on the doors.

UPVC can be glazed with high-quality glass to make it even more durable and secure, this gives French doors their famous “high-security” property. Also concerning security, a multi-point locking system can be installed as standard.

A classic French door will have lots of smaller glazed panes within the door. With UPVC versions, this effect can be achieved by using a full length double glazed units with Georgian bar inserts or by applying decorative Georgian bars to the surface of the glass.

Conservatory French Doors

Another important feature of UPVC French doors is their energy saving properties. The material reflects heat from escaping or entering the house, thereby protecting the home from external heat during summer and preventing heat loss during winter.

  • Low maintenance, cleaning is easy and convenient.
  • The colour possibilities are extensive with UPVC French doors.
  • Long lifespan – you can expect decades of use.
  • Energy efficiency levels are excellent with double or triple glazing.
  • Security – toughened glass with internal window beads and multi-point locks.
  • Low threshold options give ease of access to all.
  • Readily available with suppliers all over the UK

uPVC French Patio Door Colour & Surface Finishes

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to colour & finish for your doors. UPVC comes in up to 20 different colours with smooth, glossy or wood-grain effect finishing.

Using a colour or textured finish does have a price implication and can add anything from 10% to 20% to the cost of the frames (see guide below).

Colours range from brilliant white, black, grey, Chartwell green, to cream or even light Oak or Rosewood.

How much is the average cost of uPVC French Doors?

At first glance, the cost of installing a uPVC French door to a UK home may seem high but it is actually more economical when compared to other door types.

Since UPVC patio doors are more secure, energy saving, durable and require low maintenance, a home fitted with UPVC French doors will save more on costs in the long run.

Utility bills will come down, you will not spend much on security and maintenance and above all once installed you can go for decades before repair work or replacement is due.

The actual cost of installing an external uPVC French door will depend on the features that you want on the door. Things like additional locks, the finishing, and the number of glass panels will affect the total cost.

But just so you have an idea, installing a good uPVC external French door in the UK will cost you on average the following (some without fitting costs)

Approx size in mmSpecification  Price range
 900 x  22002 doors / White£450 to £500 supply only
1800 x 21002 doors / White / Georgian Bars£1,000 to £1,200 fitted
1800 x 21002 doors / Rosewood / Georgian Bars£1,200 to £1,300 fitted