What should I look for in a sliding patio door?

Looking for a new way to open up your home to the great outdoors? Choose a sliding patio door! A sliding patio door, also known as a sliding glass door or a glider, is a double-panel glass door that slides smoothly along a fixed track and that gives you a clear view of your backyard 24 hours a day.

Sliding patio doors also:

  • Allow natural light into your home.
  • Make your space more inviting.
  • Show off your thriving lawn or garden.

Read on to learn how to select the best sliding patio door for your home:

How to Select the Right Sliding Patio Door for Your Home

Before purchasing and installing a new sliding patio door in your home, there is a surprising number of factors to consider: Do you care about energy efficiency? Do you have a preference in frame material? The type of glass inserted in the frame? The cost?

A sliding patio door is a significant investment, so homeowners should consider all factors before moving forward with a purchase …

Sliding Patio Door Glass Selection

Sliding patio doors are equipped with two large panes of glass, so glass selection is critical for choosing a door.We recommend a sliding glass door equipped with an insulated glass unit or double-pane glass for increased efficiency. Federal building codes require that door windows and panes are made of tempered glass.

Sliding Patio Door Frame Materials

A sliding patio door frame (both interior and exterior) is also key to the function of your door and will also enhance or detract from the overall aesthetic of your home.

There are three commonly used framing materials:

  • Wood – elegant, traditional and more expensive relative to other materials. Wood frames require the most maintenance and are most susceptible to weather-based damage.
  • Vinyl – inexpensive and cost-efficient, but extreme temperature shifts can cause cracks. Vinyl is less susceptible to damage than wood.
  • Fiberglass – can look like wood, without the drawbacks. Fiberglass is often looked at as a happy medium between the elegance of wood and the relative durability of vinyl.

Vinyl is typically the least expensive framing option, but may sustain damage due to shifting temperatures. Wood and fiberglass are slightly more expensive but less susceptible to climate-based damage.

Other Options and Upgrades

Sliding patio doors can be made with any one of several specialized glass inserts. In working with your local Glass Doctor, you can select:

  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds
  • Decorative glass and matching side windowpanes
  • All-weather glass and storm glass
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Hurricane-rated laminated glass

Sliding Patio Door Benefits

Above and beyond the benefits mentioned previously, sliding patio doors are ideal for homeowners seeking a door: 

  • That won’t take up any space inside or outside the room
  • That is easy to adjust
  • That is sleek, modern and contemporary in appearance
  • That includes a multipoint locking system

What About French Doors?

A sliding patio door is not your only option that will let the outdoors in. French doors are another great way to open up your space.

Instead of sliding along a track, a French door swings out wide over top a patio or deck. It’s worth noting that the choice between French and sliding patio doors is up to personal preference. Either may suit your household’s needs. 

Let Double Glazing Fix Your Exterior Door Panes

We are proud to offer a wide selection of sliding glass patio doors and installation services designed to meet your needs and fix your panes.