What to consider when choosing your kitchen cabinet doors

When it comes to choosing the style of cabinet doors used in your kitchen, it is undoubtedly one of the most important design features of a kitchen space. Cabinet doors and even your drawer handles are a key part of the kitchen’s overall look. With that in mind, we’ve put together some things to consider when choosing your kitchen cabinet doors.

The door style

There are three main styles of kitchen cabinet doors:

  • recessed panel
  • raised panel
  • flat or slab panel

These styles are all unique and can help to transform your kitchen and achieve the specific look you wish to create. For example, raised panel and recessed panel doors are perfect for a traditionally styled kitchen. Recessed panel doors are often referred to as shaker-style, and are particularly popular for creating a shabby chic or farmhouse look. Our range of Cartmel hand painted shaker-style cabinet doors are perfect for creating a sophisticated kitchen that can be colour matched to suit your design.

Cartmel Shaker

If you prefer a modern or contemporary look, then opt for slab doors. The smooth design of a slab door provides a clean aesthetic, especially when combined with a high-gloss finish.

The colour and finish

Windsor Oak Real Wood

There are so many options for the colour and finish of your kitchen cupboard doors and ultimately it will depend on the overall look you are trying to achieve. For instance, you could opt for traditional or woodgrain styles in natural wood colours if you want to recreate the feel of a timeless country cottage, or go minimal and modern with high gloss and flat panel designs in bright, eye-catching shades. Hot Doors offer hand painted cabinet doors that have a more uniform finish and a luxurious feel and thanks to their colour matching service, you can guarantee your new high-quality kitchen cabinet doors will match the theme of your kitchen design to ensure consistency and style.

Don’t forget about the details

Once you’ve got the perfect set of kitchen cabinet doors, you can add the finishing touches by choosing the right style of kitchen door handles. Consider the style of kitchen cabinet doors and match your handles appropriately. For example, if you have high-gloss doors, then a wooden handle may look a little out of place, instead opt for a chrome or metallic finish.

If you are updating your kitchen design, then why not browse our full range or replacement cupboard doors.