Red composite door

Composite and uPVC doors are the two most popular types of doors available today. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to know the difference between the two and which is best for your home. For years uPVC doors were seen to be the market leader due to their affordability and practicality. However the composite door is a far more superior choice and by far the most advanced choice in today’s market. When deciding between a composite or uPVC door there is no doubt that a composite door has significant advantages that far outweigh the lower cost of uPVC doors.


Composite doors are the most advanced type of door commonly used in homes today. Unlike uPVC doors, which are made largely of plastic, composite doors are made from a number of materials that are combined under high pressure conditions. This type of door was specifically developed to solve common issues that are often found in traditional uPVC doors. At Safestyle we have a wide range of design and colour options available so that you can personalise your new door to your home.

Safestyle composite doors:Have enhanced security features – British Standards BS6262 extra tough glass for added security, Pro-Secure handle and Yale locking cylinders achieve 3-Star TS007 standards and Multipoint locking, with two hook locks and a mortice lock and latch.Are A and A+ rated to provide greater energy efficiency with a high density thermal insulating core.Are low maintenance and require very little care.Have a realistic timber look with A face material designed to withstand heavy impacts and minimise surface marks.Have Brush seals and Q-Lon weather seal gaskets to provide superior weather performance.Are extremely long lasting and proven to be more durable than uPVC doors.Are available in a variety of colours and styles to provide a great aesthetic appeal.

The only major disadvantage of a composite door is that they tend to be more expensive to purchase than a uPVC door. The exact cost will vary depending on the quality of the materials used and the company that installs the door. At Safestyle our price match guarantee means that we will beat any like for like quote, so your new door may cost less than you might think.

Chartwell green composite door


While a composite door is the more advanced option many people still choose to have a uPVC door installed. The main benefit to choosing a uPVC door over a composite door is the cost as uPVC doors tend to be significantly lower priced than composite doors. However If you can afford to pay a little more we would always recommend choosing a composite door instead as they are more secure, thermally efficient and durable than uPVC doors.

Rosewood uPVC door


Not all front doors will have the same size opening which is why we manufacture all of our door frames to the exact specification of each property. Purchasing a standard size option can often mean that the door may not be appropriately sized for the property or the frame, leading to unsightly gaps as well as potential issues with the door frame. In order to provide the best standard of security and energy efficiency it’s best to have a made to measure door that is expertly installed.