What is considered a French door?

Patio doors play an important role in improving your home. The overriding question is can we seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces without comprising energy efficiency, security and beauty. In chatting with homeowners, the one abundantly clear commonality is an innate drive to continuously evaluate and tirelessly work towards improving their homes. For 99% of us, it’s the largest financial investment we’ve ever made or will ever make. It’s the first thing friends and family see when they come for the holidays and it’s the only thing they remember. Our homes give us an enormous sense of comfort, security and pride. It is critical to make the right decision in choosing the right products and services and there are thousands of options out there. If you’re new to the home improvement industry, and even if you’re not, a decision such as this can feel like a wildly overwhelming choice. Fear not!! We are dedicated to educating everyone out there. Our goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Traditional sliding door designs have two panel sections, one fixed-stationary and one mobile to slide open and shut. The actual sliding door is a moveable rectangular framed sheet of glass that is mounted on sliding rollers which slide along a fixed track parallel to the fixed neighboring glass partition.

French Door consists of a frame around one or more transparent panels that may be installed in matching pairs or in a series. French doors typically use weather stripping at the floor level where the doors meet to prevent water ingress.

First, be sure and check the materials used in the products you’re selecting. Wood may be prettier to some, but has very short life expectancy. Metal will last a long time, but is a much stronger conductor of heat and cold. It is also against code in most residential applications. Over the years, manufacturers have researched and designed a number of features, some of which I’m going to mention have led to great improvements in multiple structural design flaws. That being said, when shopping for products for your home, make sure to take a good look at the manufacturer and always use a reputable installer. You can buy the best doors in the world and still end up in a real tough spot if they aren’t installed properly.

Product wise, at Double glazing we use Soft-Lite as our exclusive window and sliding glass door manufacturer. Soft-Lite is the only door that is recommended through the National Crime Prevention Council and has won Energy Star Partner of the Year three years running. They take great care to provide homeowners with superior grade products offering unparalleled security and energy efficiency.What is considered a French door?