What Will Front Door Prices Be in 2019?

There are several factors that can affect front door prices.

Front door prices start from £250 to £380 for supply only uPVC front doors.

Supply only composite doors, on the other hand, start from £450 onwards. If you include installation costs, front door prices can start from around £800 for uPVC.

Front door prices for a beautiful welcoming home

Composite door prices tend to be higher than uPVC alternatives. Different suppliers will offer different products. The third option of front door material is traditional hardwood.

It is therefore a good idea to shop around.

£1,000 is a reasonable starting point for composite doors prices fitted. This is the bottom end so will be a basic style.

If you are looking for decorative glass or accessories this will obviously increase the front door price. Timber doors are the most expensive with a starting price of over £600 for supply-only. This is simply because wood is a more expensive material.

However, these are just base prices. If you want additional features, you will have to pay more.

Which Type of Front Door to Choose

Front doors and back doors are external doors. They need to do more than just provide a point of exit and entry.

Additionally, they also need to do more than demarcating space. These doors are essential for your home’s security.

They also affect the external appearance of your home. The decision as to which front door to choose will therefore depend on these factors. The style of your property will play a part and of course your personal taste.

Not only that, homeowners of heritage properties need to make sure their front doors follow certain regulations for appearance. In some areas it will not be permitted for you to go for a uPVC option. This may apply if you live in a conservation area.

front doors

There are also restrictions for listed buildings. In certain areas you may also be required to conform with a particular look or style. It is worth finding this out when looking for front door prices.

Even if you don’t have a heritage property, you may be particular about the way your home looks. As a result, you may want specific design as well as performance features for your front door.

Your New Front Door: Kerb Appeal & Sale-ability

A new door will not only improve security and energy efficiency, it will also enhance a homes kerb appeal.

It’s important to take your time considering your new front door design. It may be an overused term, but ‘kerb appeal’ is fundamental to attracting buyers and adding value to your home.

Is your home semi-detached or terraced? Maintaining continuity among immediate houses is really important.

Why? Because it creates a sense of community. Everyone wants to know they are moving into a good area.

Try and be objective. Take a walk up and down your street and assess how your property looks.

First impressions really do count.

A New Door Will Make Your Home More Saleable

Considering people can make up their minds about a property in just seconds, your new front door can affect your homes sale-ability in a big way.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the inside of your house, if the outside is not inviting, welcoming and cared for – no one is walking through the front door.

You want to make the best of your property and keep it well maintained.

If the exterior of your property looks good, a buyer will assume the rest of your house does too.

Have a good think about your pathway, your door, your windows, the guttering and even the downpipes. Everything must look in order.

These aren’t big things to do and neither are they expensive.

uPVC or Composite Doors?

Consider the style of your home, as well as your budget. Composite doors will cost significantly more but if you have period home that needs to be maintained, the investment will be well worth your while.

A uPVC door is suited to those on a stricter budget however, this doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on quality design. Modern uPVC front doors are available in a wide range of great looking designs.